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Transcript Services

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Finally!  Transcript services for Catholic (and other) homeschool families without the packaged curriculum.  This is one of the barriers we hear about most when it comes to feeling confident homeschooling high school.

How it Works

Once you have purchased this item, we will email you a link to a Google Form to enter your information.   Note: Please purchase one item for each year of transcript services.  (1 year = $20, 2 years = $40, etc..)

We will translate the information into a transcript.  If you request only a single year, the transcript will include sections to manually add future years or you can always purchase another year down the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will I talk to?  This item does not include either phone or email support.  You will fill out a form and we will convert it into a one page transcript with the information needed.   If you have questions about high school planning, you are welcome to schedule additional consulting (initial or follow up).

Is this a certified transcript?  This is not a certified transcript, the final version will include a spot for you to sign off on grades as accurate.  

What information do I need to give you?  For each course we will ask for the subject, topic studied, course materials used, frequency & duration studied, and grade achieved.  We will divide that into credits and calculate a GPA for your student.  You are responsible for covering the materials and for knowing the graduation requirements of your state. 

Does the annual membership include transcript services?  The annual membership includes a credit for transcript services.  The information is included in your membership packed, please contact us with questions about redeeming this credit. 

Please note:  For Transcript Services only, you do NOT need to purchase an Introductory Consult Package First.