Premium Montessori Content Group

Premium Montessori Content Group

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Are you looking for support without the phone calls?  

Do you want to implement more Montessori approaches to your homeschool?

Are you looking to join and fellowship with other families on this non-traditional homeschooling journey?

We have an option for you too!

On Facebook, we have a secret group dedicated to practical support in Montessori homeschool.  In Depth Premium content such as how-to videos, product and lesson demonstrations, DIY instructions, live Q&As, Montessori scope and sequences, lesson plans, and more.  

Only it's not just about what we provide, but about what you can provide for each other within this group!  Plus Heidi will be actively involved in the community, personally moderating the group- interacting and responding to your threads!

How it Works:  
Once you have purchased and paid for this item, we will email you at the address provided within 48 hours to get you added to the group!


Frequently Asked Questions

Does this include phone and email support?  No.  Joining this group will get you into our community, but it does not provide phone or email support.

What if I need phone and email support too?  If you know you want phone and email support as well, we recommend purchasing the full annual membership, which includes these forms of support AND membership into our Premium Montessori Content Group. 

I use a different email for Facebook, help!  Don't worry!  That's why we will email you to make sure you are properly added.  If you don't hear from us in 48 hours, you can drop us a note at

Can my spouse join the Facebook group too?  Yes!  For the $25 purchase price, husband and wife teams are welcome to both join the group. Please let us know up front if this applies to you.  This privilege is a courtesy, not a right.  The $25 does not cover two memberships of any other arrangement (other partner relationships, child, friend, etc.).

How long does the membership last?  This is a lifetime membership rate.  The introductory price is low, so act now. We expect to raise this price incrementally to keep the group size reasonable.

The group isn't showing up in my Facebook feed!  Facebook is a tricky beast.  They are known for occasionally removing inactive members from groups or hiding posts.  Check your group settings and send us a DM on Facebook if you need help making it work.