Montessori Decanomial

Montessori Decanomial

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The decanomial (without numbers) is considered a Montessori sensorial material of early childhood and is revisited throughout the elementary years to support mathematics instruction in numeracy (multiplication) and pre algebraic concepts (sum of squares).

File Includes
Colored Decanomial
Black and White Decanomial
 (for hand coloring if preferred)
Square of Pythagorus Chart with highlighted squares
Multiplication Facts Chart with highlighted squares.

Multiple lesson suggestions for classroom use

Control charts can be printed to size or enlarged for presentation and/or display. Due to the dimensions used in this decanomial (1 = .4in or 1.016 cm), students can measure the sides to the closest cm and accurately calculate quantity, enforcing the equation for area of a rectangle.

Can be printed as many times as wished for individual teacher use or copied onto cardstock, laminated, and cut apart as a classroom set.

The early level of this presentation enforces the concept of basic facts, useful in supporting Static and Basic Abstract Multiplication.