Matching Game Super Bundle

Matching Game Super Bundle

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Did you know that matching games help build visual discrimination, a skill needed for learning to read?  Save 33% by purchasing this mega-bundle, which includes five of our matching game sets.

Trees (isolates shape, all black and white images)
Flowers (isolates color)
Geometric Shapes (shape and color vary)
Birds & Butterflies (shape and color vary)
Fruit (shape and color vary)

Start by introducing 2 or 3 images from a single set at a time by laying out 3 very different images and asking your child to find the match.  Graduate to more difficult and larger combinations.  Slowly increase the number of matches available until your child is able to successfully and easily match all nine images correctly for a single set.

Practice matching with all cards face up, pre-divided into two groups, and advance through playing a traditional memory match game with all of the cards face down.  As your child becomes more proficient at matching, combine two or more sets for a larger challenge.

For durability, I recommend printing on card stock or mounting on colored construction paper and laminating.