Introductory Consult Package

Introductory Consult Package

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Perfect for parents looking for guidance on getting started, in choosing (or changing) a curriculum, or troubleshooting a challenging situation.  This homeschool consulting option includes a pre-contact questionnaire, goal setting email, a 30-minute phone conference with one of our two homeschool consultants, a summary of recommendations email following the call, and up to 2 follow up emails.

How it Works

When you purchase this package, you will receive an email with a fillable PDF document.  Complete this form and email it back to the designated email (included in the file)**.  When we get your completed PDF, within 2 business days you will receive a response discussing your goals and coordinating a schedule for the call.

 Then we will chat!  After our chat, we will send you an email summary and list of recommendations with links.  You are welcome to email us up to an additional 2 times as a part of the package with follow up questions.  

**Technical note:  Due to the variance in computers and browsers, we cannot tell you the best way to save your completed PDF.  In general, however, look for the option to "Print to PDF".   If you run into trouble, you can always copy and paste your answers into an email or send us a note for more support!


Frequently Asked Questions 

Who will I talk to?  We do our best to match each family to the consultant who has the most experience with their situation.  The more information you give us during the questionnaire phase the better your match will be.  We collaborate both pre and post-call, so you are getting both brains and sets of experience either way!  If you have a strong desire to speak with one of us, please let us know and we can certainly accommodate that.

What if I need help beyond the additional 2 emails?  Beyond our initial consult package, you can purchase an annual package or additional individual calls.  

Why does the first call cost so much more?  In order to serve you best, the first consult involves more leg work for both of us.  You will receive a pre-call questionnaire to help us get to know your family and current homeschool situation.  We will connect with email in advance to set goals for the call.  Initial phone calls tend to be longer and we will send a written recommendation and call summary following our conversation.  Once you have made this first phone call we will already have a relationship and the information needed to help you deal with specific situations that arise (even if it is different from the situation you initially contacted us for).

What if I want to upgrade to an annual package after purchasing the initial consult?  We would love to have you!  Upon completion of your initial consult, you will receive a coupon for a credit off of full membership (coming soon).

Please note:  For Transcript Services only, you do NOT need to purchase an Introductory Consult Package First.