Extension Activities for Montessori Color Boxes 1-3

Extension Activities for Montessori Color Boxes 1-3

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For those who already own the Montessori color boxes or have purchased them separately, this file includes four follow up extensions to study primary colors, secondary colors, and shading. As a bonus, there is a blank copy master for making color booklets that can be used with any of the three color boxes. You can also purchase the extensions and color boxes in a bundle to save money.

File Includes

Color Box 1 Extension Activity 
(Sorting By Color)
Color Box 2 Extension Activity 
(Color Word 3 Part Cards)
Color Box 3 Extension Activity 
(Pencil Shading)
Color Word Booklet Copy Master

Note about this material. Due to the digital nature of the file, colors may vary based on your printer. I have printed many test sheets to get as natural of color and gradation as possible. I recommend printing test sheets in case you need to adjust the color balance for your printer. For optimal use, print on heavy paper and laminate for durability.