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I have no idea which curriculum is best for our family!
Should I even homeschool?
I'm interested in Montessori but don't know where to start.

Why isn't my child reading yet?

This curriculum was perfect for my oldest but is just not working now.
What if I want to continue with Montessori past preschool?
I want to homeschool high school without a textbook based curriculum.
How can I reorganize our day to make homeschool a priority?

Help!  I have to make a transcript!

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar?!  Homeschooling is hard and having the right support can make all the difference.  We all need a friend and mentor we can call to help us when we hit a rough patch.  That's where we come in!

Tim & Heidi are parents and educators with dozens of years of professional education work and 15 years of parenting and home education experience.  We can help you build homeschooling confidence through phone & video support sessions, email consulting, and custom curriculum supports such as transcripts, custom unit plans, special needs accommodations, and more.
“Thank you for helping me get onto non-traditional homeschooling.  I am much happier!  
You have helped me get back to the low-stress homeschooling that I and the kids love.”  -Ann
As Catholic parents and educators, we bring a prayerful and intentional, research-driven approach to educational planning and design.  We believe that virtues, values, and character are on equal footing with the 3Rs.  We believe that a child has been uniquely entrusted to their parents and that each parental unit is the one most capable of determining what the best educational setting and methods are for a child.  
There is not one right way to homeschool, but there is a right way for you and we can help you find it!  Our personal and professional experience with a variety of homeschool and educational approaches such as Montessori, Charlotte Mason, Classical, Traditional Textbook Methods, Unit Studies, and more allow us to support you in uniquely designing a system that works for your family.

Compare the Options
Either through an initial consult package or an annual membership, we begin all of our support in the form of a detailed get-to-know-you process.  We learn about your family, listen to your dreams, and help you build a plan that will help your homeschool...your homeschool the way you've always dreamed it could be.  Once you have been through our initial consult process, we will continue to be here for you through a combination of follow up calls and bonus content (available exclusively to annual consulting clients).  
 Package In- Depth Initial Consult Process Follow Up Calls Email Support Transcript Services Bonus Content 
Initial Consult Package x limited
Follow Up Calls x
Transcript Services x
Annual Consulting Membership x quarterly x x x
Bonus content for the annual consulting membership includes lifetime membership in our Premium Montessori Content Facebook group aimed at supporting parents in making intentional education choices, a Work and Play, Day by Day shop credit, exclusive early release offers on new products, special discounts, and more!

Not sure the best option for you?  Send us an email at and we can help you decide!

Need immediate help getting off on the right foot?  
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"The greatest sign of success for a teacher is to be able to say, 'The children are now working as though I do not exist.'"  - Maria Montessori


We aren't here to lock you into a long term consulting relationship or a specific curriculum, but to support you in developing as a teacher so that you can work as if we do not exist and nurture your children to do the same. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

All of the options are out of stock!  What do I do?  In order to serve each client to the best of our ability, we only take a limited number of clients at any given time.  We generally restock the first week of each month and give our newsletter subscribers first pick!  If the option you would like is out of stock, please join our email list to be notified when additional slots are available.  

Who will I talk to?  
We do our best to match each family to the consultant who has the most personal and professional experience with their situation.  The more information you give us during the questionnaire phase the better your match will be.   All pre and post-call information gathering is done together so you are getting both brains and sets of experience either way!  If you have a strong desire to speak with one of us, please let us know and we can certainly accommodate that.

What if I need help beyond the package I purchase?  Beyond our initial consult package, you can purchase an annual package or additional individual calls at a lower rate than the initial call.

Why does the first call cost so much more?  In order to serve you best, the first consult involves more leg work for both of us.  You will receive a pre-call questionnaire to help us get to know your family and current homeschool situation.  We will connect with email in advance to set goals for the call.  Initial phone calls tend to be longer and we will send a written recommendation and call summary following our conversation.  Once you have made this first phone call we will already have a relationship and the information needed to help you deal with specific situations that arise (even if it is different from the situation you initially contacted us for).

What if I want to upgrade to an annual package after purchasing the initial consult?  We would love to have you!  Upon completion of your initial consult, you will receive a coupon for a credit off of full membership.

Do I need an initial consult for transcript services?  No!  Transcript services are a stand-alone purchase.  They are, however, included in the Annual Consulting Membership so no need to make an additional purchase if you are already an annual member.

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